Friday, 23 September 2011

You WILL give me the forage!

Finally my hoomin decided that she would give me the forage! I did have to nip her but when a bun is hungry, a bun will do anything for the precious noms!

They tasted sooooooo good! And nice hoomin Kat asked if I could share how we made these noms so yummy, so heres how we did it!

My hoomin went to the local woods and collected lots of brambles, nettles, dandelions, lots of different grasses, she says thats good because the different thickness is good on our teefs! Then she laid them all out on a plastic mat and let them dry, you have to keep turning them over once or twice a day, and thats all there is to it! Or if you only have a little put them on a plastic tray.

If you put them in an air tight container they will last a few weeks, but make sure they are completely dry or they might go mouldy, and us buns do not appreciate the mould!

The forage helps us tums and teefs as its all nice things we like to eat, and on just one woodland walk, my mum got enough forage to make the same amount as 20 bags from Pets At Home! If your bun isnt used to forage only give a little bit to start with.

- We also love the pinecones, they are good to nibble on, but boil them first in a pan of hot water and then leave to dry, it gets rid of any nasties that could give us germs! And a bun of my standard does not do germs, of any kind!
If anyone has any requests for my hoomin and me, let us know or she will get slack! and I will go hungry!

Domino x


  1. Domino - Thank you for getting the recipes for my bunny masters. I'll have to figure out where to get brambles and nettles given that I live in Los Angeles (known more for its concrete highways than its woodsy areas), but I look forward to tempting my two fuzzballs, er, masters, with such wonderful yummies.

  2. Tomorrow we are doing "rose petal and apple leaf" noms, they might be better for you, they are nommy also. Check back tomorrow!

    I like this shop, maybe they will post to you if your hoomin asks them! x

  3. Domino - What's the advantage of dried greens over fresh ones? Inquiring bunz (Benjamin and Callie) want to know. Thanks!