Thursday, 12 January 2012

Helloooo hoomins and buns alike!
I am very sorry I have been absent for so long, I am afraid I got slightly plump over the festive period - too many delicious noms! Did any of you buns get any tasty noms for Christmas? x

Monday, 3 October 2011

A starved little bunny!

Rabbits, bunnies, bunsters, listen up! My hoomin took me to that place today, the one where they touch you and poke and prod, and the man said.......that I, Domino-Butter-Bird (Its a long and complicated issue, I can't even go into right now guys).........have lost weight.

I was 2.6kg and now......after months of being chased by these stupid hoomins, hardly ANY pellets, I now weigh 2.2kg. 2.2!


I tried to tell the vet man that I was being starved, but he said my diet was really good, and all these dried noms must be doing me good instead of all the pet shop treats!

I am so abused. Somebun post me snacks, pleeeeease!

Friday, 23 September 2011

You WILL give me the forage!

Finally my hoomin decided that she would give me the forage! I did have to nip her but when a bun is hungry, a bun will do anything for the precious noms!

They tasted sooooooo good! And nice hoomin Kat asked if I could share how we made these noms so yummy, so heres how we did it!

My hoomin went to the local woods and collected lots of brambles, nettles, dandelions, lots of different grasses, she says thats good because the different thickness is good on our teefs! Then she laid them all out on a plastic mat and let them dry, you have to keep turning them over once or twice a day, and thats all there is to it! Or if you only have a little put them on a plastic tray.

If you put them in an air tight container they will last a few weeks, but make sure they are completely dry or they might go mouldy, and us buns do not appreciate the mould!

The forage helps us tums and teefs as its all nice things we like to eat, and on just one woodland walk, my mum got enough forage to make the same amount as 20 bags from Pets At Home! If your bun isnt used to forage only give a little bit to start with.

- We also love the pinecones, they are good to nibble on, but boil them first in a pan of hot water and then leave to dry, it gets rid of any nasties that could give us germs! And a bun of my standard does not do germs, of any kind!
If anyone has any requests for my hoomin and me, let us know or she will get slack! and I will go hungry!

Domino x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Forage everywhere, but not a bite to eat!

My hoomin has REALLY made me quite angry today. I know she has loads of noms and she won't share, is she eating them herself? Why can't we have them?

She has bags full of grasses, dandelions, brambles, nettles - all from the woods! And camomile, more nettles, rose petals and herbs from the garden! And she wont let us eats them!

She says she is drying them all to make us nommy bags of forage. She says that if we eat some every day it will keep our toothies nice and trim, which is good because I don't want to go to bunny dentists! And also it keeps our tummies working, and will give us nice poos.

I don't really care about nice poos, I just wants the food! I will beg for it! See! I am so abused!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Romantic Banana Rose Smush

I don't know about you bunsters out there, but having a wife is hard work. They want to be groomed all day long, and quite frankly a rabbit of my superiority simply does not have the time. You see, I live with my mother Jelly, and my wife Pebbles.

They both look after me very well, I always have someone to snuggle which is nice or I would be lonely! But, every now and then I like to treat my wifey bun! So hoomin prepared this meal for us!

Romantic Banana Rose Smush:
Dried & crushed apple leaves, nettle and rose petals (we will cover how to dry noms tomorrow!)
Banana (not too much its very sweet!)
Dried Apple leaf to garnish

Make it!
Blend the banana with the dried noms and scoop into a bowl. My human has used plastic, however if you would really like to woo your wife, I would recommend ceramic, it adds an extra sense of style to the dish, something my hoomin does not understand.

Add a few dried apple leaves to the top to garnish, and serve.... politely, we don't like it just dumped in our abodes you know.

....It was a winner lads!

Om Nom Nom! Welcome!

Domino here, chief blogger for Bunny Nom Nom! After many years of having my two foot hoomin create me delicious dishes for me to nom, I have decided to share them with you - my bunny followers!

I will get my hoomin to create my personal favourites, and also lots of hints and tips of how to vary our diets to keep us bunsters in tip top condition! We will cover foraging, safe foods, diet, bunny recipes and just lots of things to NOM NOM NOM!

Domino x